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Fashion Blunders by Bollywood Celebs

Bollywood celebs introduce the latest fashion trends in India. But, sometimes even they have to draw flak when they exhibit weird sense of style. In fact, being under the limelight they are more prone to be judged by fans, media and fashion experts. Mismatching accessories and shocking outfits – the perfect combination for a fashion disaster; in this article, you have it all.
Let’s take a look at how some of our Bollywood stars have sported memorable fashion disasters.

# Vidya Balan

When it comes to fashion gone wrong, one of the first names that comes to my mind is Vidya Balan. This dedicated actress is known to possess a funny sense of fashion. Cannes 2013 saw her in a long Sabayasachi Mukherjee 'anarkali' and a 'dupatta' thrown over her head in a queer manner. Not just this; remember her Hey Baby outfits?

# Rani Mukerji

You did not miss anything, if you were not invited to KJos birthday bash. Wrong. You missed Rani Mukherjee’s gown resembling a pillow cover. This actress seemed to have come ready for a sleepover.

# Ekta Kapoor
Speaking of fashion disasters; who can ignore Ekta Kapoor and her fascination for grotesquely revealing dresses? Her distasteful gowns and skimpy tees can as well motivate you to pen a story for a new serial ‘Kitne Burey Kapde.’ Hard to believe ‘The Queen of Indian Soaps’ does not have a well-paid stylist.

# Sushmita Sen
She was spotted wearing a nightgown at an IIFA Awards ceremony. Could you ever imagine that beautiful damsels could have such horrible dressing sense? What were you thinking Sush?

# Sonam Kapoor
Now now! Who could have imagined Sonam Kapoor to sport such hideous fashion sense? Her appearance at an event has smashed her image as the ultimate fashionista. A knee-length 'anarkali,' a loose 'patiala' and sea blue 'dupatta' – what else do you need to cringe at her picture? Sonam, take my words seriously and buy party wear designer salwar suits online. You will look great darling.

# Mandira Bedi
Looks like Mandira Bedi loves to be on news. Remember her noodles strap blouses during cricket tournament’s pre-match and post-match shows? A sari wrapped over a bikini was another of her unique fashion stunts. But, it seems the world loves to follow Mandira’s fashion stunts. First with the noodles strap blouses and now the sari and bikini combination, she has the world at her feet.

# Aishwarya Rai
Don’t get me wrong. We appreciate her beauty and grace. But, what went wrong? At an event, she was spotted adorning a silver dress and covering that up with a blazer. What was the use of wearing a gorgeous dress, if you intended to spoil it with a blazer?

# Kajol
This yesteryear star has messed up her wardrobe massively. She was clicked at an event with her husband Ajay Devgn wearing a black silk dress that made her look broader than she actually is.
Another picture with mother Tanuja and hubby Devgn saw her in a rainbow print jumpsuit. She has to understand that she needs a good stylist.

# Sonakshi Sinha
Good lord and she wanted to be a fashion designer! Sonakshi Sinha visited a party dressed in a denim jumpsuit? Did we get it right? Okay, that was replaced by a tiered gown. But, the gown threatened to come off any moment.

# Zareen Khan
This Salman Khan discovery has sported a horrible sense of style more than once. Zareen, please come out of your ill-fitting and transparent tops to sensible outfits.
Hope you enjoyed going through this list. Keep an eye on Jomso.com to know about more fashion disasters.

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Wednesday, 22 September 2021

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