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Chandeliers - Four key questions you should ask yourself

Chandeliers -  Four key questions you should ask yourself

Chandeliers not only light the interior, but are also a very important esthetic part of the room. They are beautiful pieces of art, and should be treated like that. They can be used in different room styles, but they should always match that style. There's a lot you need to know about them, and we will teach you.

Chandeliers can decorate the interior so it looks very sophisticated and beautiful, but how do you choose the right chandelier? There are four key questions you should ask yourself when buying chandeliers, and we have the answers. Find out what those answers and questions are in the text down below.

What should you first consider when buying chandeliers?

A chandelier should be treated as a part of the furniture, to fit in the style of the space and dominate in it. In most rooms, a bigger chandelier is needed. For example, a big sofa goes best with a big chandelier that will balance the room. In the living room the chandelier has the role of saviour, because without it the room can look boring and unfinished. In small rooms you don't need a chandelier, but you can use a simple one. It doesn't really need to be small, but it must be as simple as possible.

Does the chandelier has to fit the shape of the room?

When it comes to choosing chandeliers there are no rules in shape and size. A typical square room can have a round chandelier and vice versa. The style of the chandelier is more important. For example, in bathrooms or in feminine rooms, a fluidly shaped chandelier works best. So remember, the shape and size doesn't really matter, it does, but not that much. Rather, pay a lot more attention to the style of the chandelier.

What is the ideal height for a chandelier?

Probably the ideal height would 2.1 meters. You don't people walking below to fear of hitting their head. For a more dramatic effect, for example, above a dining table, you can put it lower. Depending on the furniture and the needs of the space, the chandeliers can be higher or lower, for example, you would have a higher chandelier in a room with elegant furniture, and a bit lower in modernly designed spaces. If you are very tall, or you live with somebody very tall, set the chandelier to a higher height. It is really implied.

Is there too much when it comes to chandeliers?

Yes. They should be treated as works of art. Why would you have them in the first place if you can get that effect with a simple light bulb? It recommended to have a maximum of two in your room and usually when you have two separate sitting areas. You don't want to overdo it with chandeliers and make everything look forced. It is not a great look.

Chandeliers have always been and will always be a great space decoration. Match them with other interesting details, great furniture, beautiful curtains or Roman blinds, and your space will be reborn. 

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