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Are You Meeting Your Corporate Dress Code Policy?

Are You Meeting Your Corporate Dress Code Policy?


Because you are the face of the company for which you work, the leadership team will have a dress code in place that helps you to put your best foot forward when dealing with clients.  When you are hired, someone will discuss the aspects of proper attire for you so that you’ll come to work ready to do the best job possible for the business.  You can use common sense combined with the policies that your company has to make a favourable impression on existing clients and the ones that you hope to win over to your team.

Less is Sometimes More

When you apply your make-up you’ll want to be conservative and use only the amount that covers any flaws that you have.  Also keep the jewellery that you wear to a minimum so it doesn’t detract from your overall appearance.  Many companies forbid excessive make-up, fringes that prohibit your vision, and perfumes that overpower your appearance.  You’ll want to be sure to check with your supervisor to learn what is appropriate if you weren’t told at the time of your hiring.  In all things fashionable in the corporate world, remember that less is more and you should always have a conservative appearance as the face of your company.

Portray a Professional Image

From the shoes that you select to the wardrobe that you choose for your corporate image, you should always have a touch of sophistication in your appearance.  In recent years, tattoos and piercings have become commonplace for every area of society but many corporations still prohibit the showing of piercings and tattoos during your work day. This means that you have to find ways to cover up the tattoos that were once important to you so that clients won’t judge you on the basis of body art instead of your ability and talent.  Many older clients don’t appreciate the creativity that self-expression displays in piercings and tattoos so you have to make arrangements to hide these parts of your body with clothing such as turtlenecks and long sleeves.  A touch of class will go a long way with a client who values experience and professionalism.

Don’t Limit Your Career Possibilities

HR managers usually hire more clean-cut appearing employees who have no visible tattoos that will detract from their business-like appearance.  If you happen to be looking for a new career or want to advance in your current profession, you might consider having your tattoo removed so that you can be viewed as a more conservative employee whose sights are set on success.  You can prevent limiting your career advancements by learning all that you can about tattoo removal and having a safe and effective procedure done.  By visiting a website such as www.laserase.com you’ll be able to find a clinic that is close to you and that is experienced in the proper procedures required for safe and effective removal.  It’s imperative that you know all of the facts before you embark on undergoing a procedure that makes your appearance more professional and appropriate for the corporate world.


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