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Antigua Travel Guide

​Planning a trip to Antigua but you need a little help to get the best out of it? This trip guide for Antigua will provide you with enough things to do or places to visit during your stay on this beautiful island!

It is your first day on the island, but what are you going to do? Start with visiting St. Johns, the main capital and biggest city of Antigua and Barbuda. The city offers various things to see and to do. If you are more a culture person, you should really make a visit to the museum of Antigua and Barbuda. It will take you through the centuries and show you the history of its people and the socialization.

When you are visiting St. Johns, it is impossible to miss the beautiful skyline of this city. What is really special about this skyline is the St. John's Cathedral. When you are in St. Johns, don't let this opportunity pass you by and take a look at his astonishing monument full of history.

​If you are day dreaming about white sandy beaches and blue water, Antigua is the perfect place to be. The most famous beaches can be found in Dickenson Bay, Pigeon Point and Darkwood Beach. All beaches can be visited by tourists, however some beaches can be harder to reach, but they will be worth it!

On the Island of Antigua and Barbuda, there are some spectacular activities to do. You can go scuba diving or snorkelling and explore the blue waters. You will come across some turtles, jelly fish, corals, lion fish and sponges. In addition, for the people who have nerves of steel, you can even dive with sharks!

​Other outdoor activities like doing off road tours or hiking will show you even more of the island and its hidden treasures. You can discover the island by yourself or you can choose to do a tour or excursion. The experienced people will guide you through the island and tell you about the history and show you the natural wonders that can be found there.


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If you are tired from exploring the island or you just want to spoil yourself, visit one of the spas or resorts and relax for a day. Enjoy a massage, get your hair done, or get one of the spa treatments from one of the resorts or spas on the island. The spas and resorts are located on famous spots across the island where you can appreciate magnificent sea or harbour views.

You still have time left on the island? The most famous place to visit on the island is the Nelsons Dockyard National Park. This park offers the Dockyard's history about the battle of Trafalgar and its conqueror. The park gives you a spectacular view of the harbour, the cliffs, the water and the amazing yachts. The restored dockyard also provides various amenities, like restaurants, souvenir shops, banks and tour organizations.

After reading this guide you hopefully can't wait any longer to actually go there and now that you are prepared, you will have an amazing trip. 


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