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5 Ways to keep your Sash Windows as good as new

5 Ways to keep your Sash Windows as good as new Beautiful Sash Windows

Install new locks

Sash window locks can begin to wear down overtime; this is completely natural but not ideal for safety. As the metal slides and fastens together over time, the locks can become loose. As well as being a security hazard, loose locks also mean that your two sash sliders won't be closing air tight and therefore, leaving room for air to escape and the cold to get in.

Even for beginners, changing your locks is a super easy task. You can follow a step by step guide here.


The type of maintenance you'll need to do will depend on whether you have a wooden or uPvc sash windows. If you have wooden window you'll need to ensure that the paint or gloss has not worn away to expose the natural wood in its untreated form.

Exposing wood to weather conditions that is not in some way treated, painted or glossed will cause the wood to rot and deteriorate over time. Make sure you're repainting or glossing your windows when needed.

The best tip we can give you is to always sand down the previous layer before adding your new coat. Painting over it will cause a build up which will leave space for burglars to use an object to pry open the windows.

If you have uPvc windows, the maintenance is easier. Ensure you are wiping your windows clean, build-up can cause the windows seal to loosen overtime and let water and condensation leak into the inside of the window. If you have white uPvc windows that are beginning to discolour, you can get cleaning solvent to help bring them back to their original state.

Ensure you're Taking Security Measures

There are a few ways that you can upgrade your window security. Sash stops prevent the sashes from sliding over each other. This means that even if the main lock is compromised, the windows cannot be opened.

Dual screws bolt through the top and bottom of the sashes to stop the window from opening. Longer, more secure bolts will cost you a little bit more.

It may seem like an obvious option but, double glazing is a great way to secure your home. Double glazed glass is around 4mm thick and consists of two panels; nearly 3X more glass that single glazing. Thicker glass means it's harder to break and therefore the appeal for criminals to break into your home decreases.


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Don't put off Repairs

Small repairs to your windows can cost nearly nothing to do; such as changing your worn lock or giving your windows a fresh coat of paint. Smaller maintenance tasks like these can prevent bigger, more expensive issues from happening.

Situations like rotting windows cannot be prevented completely, but if you look after their condition from the start it can make a huge difference to their life span. And, the same goes to uPvc windows, if you notice your windows is slightly discolouring, try not to leave it to the point of needing industrial cleaning products before you tend to them.

Call a Professional

Not everyone has the time to keep their windows in top condition. But, to avoid those bigger problems that occur in neglected windows; someone will need to give them some love.

Window specialists will be able to fix any issues you're experiencing with your windows. They'll also be able to spot any signs of wear and tear or rotting that you haven't. If you're not comfortable changing the window locks or adding sash stops; don't leave it and create an opportunity for thieves to enter your home – get a professional out. 

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