The Birmingham jewellery quarter has achieved a reputation as one of the most well known and loved diamond centres in the entire world. In fact, it is responsible for two fifths of Great Britain's jewellery production each year. Therefore, the diamond powerhouse is truly the only place to gain a thorough reflection of the current trends. So, what rings are the lucky brides to be wearing on their left hand at present? Take a look at the top trends in engagement rings for 2013 below.


Feminine and elegant: Pear shape diamond rings

An engagement ring sporting a pear shape diamond is extremely feminine, delicate, and elegant. When a ring is of such importance, yet is very dainty in style, it can often be difficult to create the dramatic impact you want to achieve from an engagement ring. However, a pear shape diamond ring breaks through all of these barriers because of its intriguing image. The shape of the stone adds an unusual element to the ring and gives it that show stopping edge. Well, if it is good enough for Victoria Beckham and Jessica Simpson, then it's good enough for most people, right?! A final point worth noting is that pear engagement rings are also great because they are suited to a smaller carat as well.

Vintage and ornate: Halo setting diamond rings

A halo setting is one whereby you have your typical centre stone yet there are several diamonds featured around this. There could be lots of diamonds surrounding the main stone or there could simply be two smaller ones on either side. This is completely up to you. Nevertheless, halo setting engagement rings are particularly beautiful because they have a lot more going on. You can get a truly unique ring if you decide to go down this route. Furthermore, there is a vintage and old school glamour quality regarding this ring type. Therefore if you have a taste for antique styles then you can bring them to life with a halo setting. The following are some celebrities who decided to do just that; Jessica Alba, Nicole Richie, Natalie Portman, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Classic and striking: Emerald shape diamond rings

An emerald shape diamond is one that is rectangular. This is a trend of engagement ring that is ideal for those who like to be bold and stand out. An emerald engagement ring will immediately attract the attention of anyone who passes you by. The ring is classic yet ultra modern. It also lends itself well to the trend just mentioned as well; an emerald diamond on a halo setting ring will definitely have a show stopping impact. Kate Moss and Angelina Jolie are two celebrities that are well known for going down this route with their engagement ring style.

The three different trends mentioned in this article are definitely the most popular engagement ring styles to go for this year. Nonetheless, when buying such an important piece of jewellery it is essential that you stay true to yourself and your own personal taste. Remember, this ring is going to be on your hand for the rest of your life and therefore it is imperative that it looks gorgeous but that it is something you will want to wear for many years to come. If you keep this in mind, as well as the current styles, then you can't go wrong.