Santiago is the capital of Chile with over 5 million populations. It is situated almost 500 meters above the sea level and is probably the most modernized metropolitan city of Latin America. Most of its architecture is modern, as the colonial buildings are very few in numbers thanks to the frequent earthquakes here.

The transportation of Santiago is so fast that it would impress you in no time, while taking you every to corner of the city including the Greater Santiago. The transportation consists of 25 thousand cabs, hundreds of yellow mini-buses and the most impressive Santiago Metro that runs almost 90 km all around the city with more than hundred stations. Santiago Metro is the cheapest, fastest and not to mention the safest mode of transportation for city-dwellers and even for travellers.

When you are in Santiago, you won't need to worry about extreme temperatures, as this city is well surrounded by beautiful mountains and it boasts a Mediterranean climate. In fact, the entire city is situated within a valley. You would never face temperature above 35 degree Celsius (or 95 degree Fahrenheit) from December to March; you'd face a humid atmosphere with -2 to 13 degree centigrade temperature in winter (June – August), though. The coldest time of the day is Morning time here. City also witness snowing, approximately after every 10 years.

If you are in a mood to visit Santiago then you must see some amazing places here, which include: Plaza de Armas, Estación Central (Central station) and Parque Araucano of Los Condes. The last one is close to Parque Aracano Mall. If you are a food lover then you can taste some sea food and Chilean wine here, which are very popular among the city inhabitants.
Street art Bella Vista.