Travel Fishing as a Trend

Thanks to the ridiculously high cost that thomas cook are placing on fishing rods I have found a better solution in the Shimano STC (Travel Concept). Coming in a range of sizes and strengths there should be one to suit you. This is the extra heavy 50g to 100g casting weight which should make a decent surf spinning rod.

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Heavy Duty Travel Spinning Rod

A nice rod tube and a final packed away length of 55 inches make this a very good travel rod. Shimano want the 5 piece practicallity to not imact the rods performance. I am not sure what the BX represents. Available for around 80 pounds in the UK and europe perhaps also available in the USA and other (please let us know)

Product Specification

  • Weight: 277 g - Casting weight: 50-100 g
  • Model name: Exage S.T.C.
  • Length ME: 2,70m
  • Rod type: STC Spinning
  • Number of parts ME: 5

"Worthy successor of the hugely popular Exage AX travel rod series. XT60 blanks, Shimano Hardlite Guides, Easy Access Hook Keepers and Hardcase storage tubes are found on all these rods. They break down to either 4 or 5 short sections but guaranteed to provide same (or even better) fishing actions as found on many 2 piece spinning rods. Happy travels just got even happier!"