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The Trio Surf is a reel designed to cast good distance with it's spool length and technology within the reel itself.

Quite a stunning presentation in orange with decent trim. It's a funky looking reel which I like. I was also curious to test this on my local carp lake, and use the quick drag on the front like a baitrunner! But lets take a closer look at the reel.

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I had to wait until day 7 of a trip to Cuba to catch a couple of bonefish from the pier on plastic lures. The reel had not been tested otherwise but it operates very well. Smooth and very good looking it casts well with it's long spool. The oversize handle is great for surf fishing where you need the extra grip. I think the spare spool is too shallow and wonder about it's usefulness ok it's for braid and certainly you would have no backing here (no option). I liek the reel very much and would recommend it.

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