KastKing Sharky Baitfeeder III 6000 Review

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sharky baitrunner
sharky baitfeeder III 6000
Baitrunner reel review

The Sharky Baitfeeder 3 is a baitrunner style reel that is designed to stand sea fishing rigours. It also makes an excellent all round carp or pike reel however.

The reel is quite striking and comes with a bag and spare spool and exploded diagram in the box, no other info is available other than what is on the box.

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What a super bargain! You might not like the colour but I do and it is really different than falling in with the baitrunner crowd, I am not convinced a cheap shimano is a as good as this reel. It is solid well designed and working well. It casts a treat and the feel of the handle is great. I can't believe I got a spare quality braid spool too. It's a big thumbs up from me. Go buy it and you won't be disappointed.

Good Points
Good size for all lakes the 6000 better for the biggest.
Great value
Spare spool
Good line capacity
Great front fast drag

Bad Points
I am not sure if it would hold it's own against the very big pit reels. Would love to be able to test that!
The baitrunner lever doesn't sit against the frame when engaged- this is a cosmetic ocd thing
It's not as smooth on the rear drag but it works fine

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