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Adjustable Running Belt by BodBud

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BodBud Running Belt Review
BodBud Running Belt Rear Buckle
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The next generation of running belt is here! The bodbud steps up the comfort and practicality while turning up the style. Designer piping and premium material along with design function are brought to you in slate grey only! They clearly want you to conform to a uniform. We review the running belt by BodBud and give you the option to too! Purchase on Amazon with prime for next day delivery and benefit from other services like Amazon prime TV and Video worth the money in itself but in 2019 showing 19 premier league matches for free!
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X Factor 

I love this belt! It is a great colour good job because like the model T or original iPhone it comes in one! It holds an oversized phone and with ease my iphone 7. It also holds my keys no problem. I don't go far enough to take gels or need water. I use bluetooth connection so don't have wires to exit but there would be no problem. I have just used it a handful of times and I am now settled on the perfect adjustment of the straps at the back. I love that after a run I just unbuckle and dump it! The last thing you need is to get this over your head when you are on the floor after a run- like my previous belt. I can wear this one more comfortably as I am between M and L with my belt so have an M and it is a bit tight but was ok. Now I feel the difference. My other belt had a zip that was also getting annoying to get zipped up so this belt was the perfect upgrade for me. I recommend the bodbud!!!

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