From Vivid Pix comes Picture-Fix, a stand alone programme designed to fix colour in underwater photographs.How many times have you taken photos underwater and been disappointed by the lack of colour?Picture Fix solves this in a few easy steps.This programme is ideal for you if you do not have the budget for programmes such as Adobes Photoshop or you do not want to learn complex methods for regaining the colour.Picture Fix is a very affordable $49.99 and is available for both the PC & MACCreated by ex Kodak employees Randy Fredlund & Rick Voight.Using complex algorithms based on thousands of underwater images, it creates a "best match" as a starting point for your image to be corrected.You can download a trial version or buy the product from trial version will not allow you to save any images you have corrected, but does allow you to use all the other functionality of the programme) Our thanks to Randy & Rick for sending us the full version to evaluate.