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editor December 15, 2016
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The gentlemen's guide to travel by Vic Darkwood

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With superb excerpts from 19th century travel books the author creates a humorous tale of travel for any budding backpacker flashpacker.

"The lost art of travelling in exquisite style. The advantages of travel are incontestable: it broadens the mind as well as helping one to avoid the iniquities of a less-than-perfect married life. Those of an expeditionary bent will find The Gentleman's Guide to Travel full of timely and much-needed counsel, their appetite for wanderlust whetted at every new page. Mr Darkwood's sage advice - including how to repel leeches and maintain personal hygiene in the filthy heat of the Tropics - is sure to inspire a desperate ache for the cut and thrust of adventure in even the most urbane. Gentleman travellers everywhere will be induced to prise themselves from their armchair, gather up their portmanteau, don a tweed hunting jacket and set off on a sterling voyage of discovery." - source amazon

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I found this a very good read ideal for anyone who likes travel and also snobby gits from the uk.

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