The Sleep Tight Genius Soother Holder™ is the first fixed soother holder that permanently attaches two dummies to the mattress of a cot. It is the answer to the problem many parents face when moving their baby from a Moses Basket to a cot - How to keep the dummy from getting lost inside the cot or completely falling out!

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The Sleep Tight Genius™ Soother Holder is a simple yet genius device that attaches itself to the mattress of a cot in a few easy steps. Once assembled, it presents two short straps with dummies at each end of the cot. It is intended for babies age 4 months and above who sleep with a dummy in a cot. This device was designed from the start with the baby’s utmost safety and comfort in mind and consists of various unique and safety features. Since the Sleep Tight Genius™ soother holder for a cot is a fixed device, it cannot be moved or displaced by your baby. It also saves the parent from going repeatedly into the room during the night to look for the soother. In a very short time your baby will learn and get used to finding the soother that is attached to the Sleep Tight Genius™ Soother Holder. It can be found easily and quickly throughout the night.