The LG G pad 8.3

editor October 07, 2014
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Ivso case review for lg gpad 8.3

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I have had the lg gpad for a good while now and I have to say I like it a lot. I am from the apple mac camp with my phone and I am considering a move since I dont like ow apple allow their old phones to go to ground in terms of updates. The iphone 4 got real sluggish when going up to ios7. In fact that would be fine if apple allowed you to roll back but alas.

Still this is about android tablets and one of the best that reviews online - thats why I picked it. And now give my review.

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The screen is great from all user angles to the degree that you could both watch a movie.
The speakers sound good I wouldn't expect more. The battery life is very good.

Things I didn't like were that at times it seems like it has just gone flat but you need to restart the device. This tends to be after you don't use it for a longer period. Also you cant access the storage on the device from USB so you cant just plug it into your smart tv and watch a movie.

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