This will end up a long review and I shall keep coming back to report. To note I am a little annoyed already at the yellow sides - so this forces you to get good opaque bedding if you don't want yellow show through. Why ?

Criticised online for style over substance

The eve mattress is well marketed so I want to see if it lives up to the hype. Indeed recommended by the Telegraph and Tech Crunch.
Interesting is that it has a yellow edged colour that means you will need to buy an opaque sheet – which shouldn’t be an issue for a premium product like this. Many cite the fact that eve is very well branded but tends to be a view from people that don't own one. Are we going to always make that leap that you can brand a poor quality product and it will work ?

What we really need to learn is that it is great for comfort and health but how so ? It is made of 3 layers of different materials to work with any bed base.

It is a well branded and feel good product before you lie on it.

In life I feel it is important to invest in those things that you spend time with like girlfriend, friends and family but extend this into the products you use daily.

Don’t go cheap on something that you spend time sleeping on is my advice.

I didn’t regret my purchase of my BMW as I wanted a safer car for my daughter and me that would be comfortable on the motorway. Likewise I work all day at a laptop and so wanted one that would be as fast starting up as a phone – I bought into SSD and you should too. But I digress you get the point.
Thus I decided to try the eve mattress after all they provide a 100 day guarantee and wonder if they have had any returns so far, that is a long time to try this thing out.

The mattress comes in the sizes you need. I took the standard double different to the ikea double that they also have.

All this mattress technology sits uncomfortably (pun intended) with me in the following way relating to slatted beds. If the spring technology is such that it is supposed to be able to react to the smallest area say a finger press then surely having a slatted bed base means that this is less even than a flat divan base. I think I may be wrong but I might have a point. I must ask the engineers at eve, not sure if they have an opinion on that. But getting air into the base is the slats advantage we hear..
Mattress manufacturers always ask us to flip over and reverse mattresses every now and again the eve mattress however has a right side up, so what are we to do ?
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Also watch the 2 videos and see how it comes out of the box and appreciate the finish.