It is that time of the year once more when the holiday season is just right around the corner. Whether you are planning for the coming Christmas trip or you are starting to look for inspiration on where to visit during your gap year, there are some cool travel gadgets that you must take with you while you are on your vacation. Surely, most people agree that a Smartphone is a crucial travel gadget nowadays. have created a list of essential items for Gap year travellers to add to their backpacks.

Camera Most people will bring a camera with them during their vacation. As we all know, there are different types of camera available, depending on your budget. A compact camera is always advisable for a trip. This is because compact camera is convenience, light, cheap and most importantly, you can easily put your compact camera in a pocket or a small luggage bag. You can easily take it out and use it to capture the beautiful moments. If you are looking for more features, there are some models that are water resistant. Even though you are not going to use the camera for underwater activities, a waterproof camera will definitely provide an extra layer of protection. Last but not least, if you do not mind to carry around a heavy camera, DSLR is always the best camera to take great photos. Universal Power Adapter Kit Most people might not remember to bring a universal power adapter for their vacation. It is thought that the universal power adapter is essential especially you are travelling to Europe countries. With a universal power adapter, you no longer need to carry around all the different types of power adapters. In addition to that, your travel gadgets such as camera and Smartphone will be fully charged and ready for use at any time. First Aid Kit Despite all the fun of travel, you also have to take into consideration that unexpected accident might happen. This is exactly why you must always bring a travel first aid kit with you while you are on the trip. When it comes to the travel first aid kit, there are several different types of travel first aid kit available, depending on where the first aid kit might be used. If you are going for a relaxing vacation, a very basic and light first aid kit would be more advisable. However, if you are going for hiking or extreme sport activities, you will need the first aid kit that is more complex. Compass and GPS device are highly useful gadgets when you are doing outdoor activities.