We’ve all suffered the sight of unwanted hair somewhere on our bodies, haven’t we? And we will go to great lengths to remove it. Some of us even try to do it at home because that dreaded uni-brow may creep in overnight, or we may have a surprise trip to the beach with a few friends, so out comes the razor. If you are not a professional, sometimes that razor can be our worst enemy, leaving itchy hair bumps and irritating burns and cuts all over our most sensitive areas. And forget trying to do your own eyebrows! Plucking with tweezers is one of the most painful experiences in the world, and there is just no chance that our efforts will come out evenly, leaving you to walk around with mismatched eyebrows until they grow back, or worse, with far too little hair which we have to correct with an eyebrow pencil that can wash off or can get sweated off without you even knowing until it’s too late!

We’ve all suffered the sight of unwanted hair somewhere on our bodies, haven’t we? And we will go to great lengths to remove it.

Sometimes we manage to have the time to go get waxed. What pain! And the hair just comes back within days, so we have to return to the salon over and over again, in hopes that they use clean products and don’t burn away our skin. I have heard horror stories about those poor souls who trusted their local salon only to report infections and massive irritations just a few days later. Haven’t you had enough? Wouldn’t you prefer a more permanent, less risky solution? Wouldn’t you rather trust the safety of a trained medical staff using the very best equipment?

If you value your time, money and health, put down that in-home wax kit and toss out your razor for good. Leave that salon backroom in the dust. The solution is Laser Hair removal. With this type of procedure, you are ensured to experience gorgeous, permanent results because we don’t just remove the hair, we damage the follicle itself, which greatly reduces the growth of any unwanted hair, and in many cases, eliminates the hair for good. Experience baby smooth legs, underarms, bikini areas and more with this state of the art procedure. 

Compared to the painful, repetitive procedures we are used to, laser removal knocks it out of the park. During a procedure, you may feel a slight warmth and tingling on the surface of the skin, accompanied by a sensation described as similar to a rubber band pop. And that’s it! Plus, most guests see lasting results after just one round of procedures, so you are saving time and money for years to come.Whether you are a man or a woman suffering from a lot or a little unwanted hair, you will see amazing results and will finally feel the freedom of a permanent solution! You can show off your beautiful, smooth, hair-free skin and be ready for you close-up every single day!