The tassimo coffee machine has an awful set of instructions and you may be like me a bit lost and found this article. This article and video will hopefully get you that coffee rapido - pun intended.

Tassimo Quick Start Guide Video

The thing I was not aware of that when you understand makes this machine really easy to use. Without the knowledge you will fear that you are doing something wrong. If you just took it out of the box then go for this quick start video guide as the instructions are rubbish and not all clear with icons that have little meaning or worse a confusing meaning. Let us help.

What is intellibrew ? Its a bar code that sits on the 'T Cups' or cartridges of coffee or shots / additives like milk and flavourings. So when you know there is a bar code you relax knowing that you dont need to press a button. NOWHERE is this communicated ! So you are left pressing buttons trying to get more water and how do I tell the machine this is now a milk shot - how do I get steam ??? 
Do nothing now !

Make sure the machine is swicthed on first before you load the cartridge - if not I have found the  then turning on machine creates a blocked non working button !

Put the coffee 'cartridge' in and load a sized mug to fit the coffee you intend to make - then make sure you have enough water in the reservoir. If not the second light down will show you that for the kind of coffee the barcode is reading you need more water - intellibrew right !

Press the button - this is a single button. The only other thing to remember is to not remove the cartridge or mug before the thing finishes and the light flashing tells you it's NOT finished. But this is pretty common sense.

If you then have a second step remove the first 'cartridge' say espresso and insert the milk and vanilla flavouring (say) and then press again the button - the machine via the barcode does its magic and you will get a pro style coffee that really does taste as good ! So if you are a coffee lover I suggest buying one of these and treating your guests and yourself to some great beverages.