Digital voice recorders can be very useful but it isn't until you start to use them that you realise just how good they are. The functionality that means this can be used for spying is because 

  1. It is compact
  2. It starts when it detects voice
  3. It can work from inside a jacket pocket or bag

I will be putting this stuff to the test with Anglinks updated Digital Voice Recorder.

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There is now just a single button and this is the main improvment over the old unit. It also looks a lot better - it is also smaller. Otherwise it is a different product really.

So take a look at my reviews below I will keep adding reviews as I get experienced with the recorder. 

Initially what stands out is that it is an attractive size and look, it resembles a flash drive in fact. It has 8GB of memory that is accesed by normal USB or micro USB port. Handily as you can see in the photos the standard USB end flips like a TRANSFORMER in a micro usb end! Pretty cool - so it has some X Factor with the geeks.

Audio clarity test - Audio Test 1