Speedo Aqua Pulse Swimming Goggles Review

admin December 21, 2015
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Aquapulse Swimming Goggles
aqua pulse goggles
aqua pulse goggles
aqua pulse goggles
aqua pulse goggles
aqua pulse goggles
aqua pulse goggles

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A stylish mid range pair of swimming goggles for all purpose use. They also fit large noses due to the changeable bridge piece.

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I really like the look of these in this colour not so enamoured with the blue model. So the x factor is a 5/5.
Ergonomics gets a 3 because I find them not quite as comfortable around the eyes as my last pair I will come back and comment if this improves with time and adjustment but be clear that they don't hurt and they perform well in the comfort stakes a 5 star would be like you cant feel them on at all ! So this is not a reason not to get them.
I love the aesthetic appeal and I think the designers got them right. I am very happy with the look of them they make me look more handsome :)
They represent great value which you might like if you swim less often.

I also want to mention that the dark lenses do not really make indoor swimming dark as much as I expected and I am perhaps going to always therefore purchase goggles with this level of tint as they will work outside in the sun very well too.

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