Beard grooming can sometimes prove tedious and expensive if you visit a barbers. But it is an important part of every man's life, so you have to do it.

Grooming your beard to suit your tastes (or your partners even ;)) takes time and patience. You also need the right grooming kit.

That's where we come in. Today, we are here to discuss an awesome beard grooming kit –the  Remington MB4045 Beard Kit.

This is a fabulous product and provides a lot of features which makes it great value for money and a must buy for those who want excellent facial hair.

First of all, let's see what all do we get in the kit. So, you will get the following items in the Remington MB4045 Beard Kit: 

  • A Trimmer
  • A pair of Stainless Steel Scissors
  • A Mixed Boar Bristle Brush
  • One XL Adjustable Comb (20-35 mm) for long beards
  • One Adjustable Short Length Comb (1.5-18 mm)
  • One Stubble Comb (1-5 mm)

The Trimmer comes with the Titanium Coated Self Sharpening Blades which are long lasting and gives you a perfect trim. Secondly, the Trimmer comes with the Lithium Battery which gives you a smashing 2 hours run time on a charge of 4 hours. So it is also good for travel.

All the stuff that comes with the kit comes really handy while grooming and styling your beard and ultimately makes it an easier task while keeping in mind not to drill a hole in your wallet. You can save money by not going to the barbers!

The pop-up trimmer is just perfect for detailing, especially your sideburns and moustache. Also, the trimmer head is completely washable thus making the kit easy to clean and maintain. Now that we have talked about the product so much, let’s sum up its pros and cons.


  • The Blade has the following features:
    • Titanium Coated Blades for durability.
    • Self-Sharpening Blades for a perfect trim.
  • Lithium Battery which gives you a run time of 2 hours on a 4 hours charge.
  • Completely washable trimmer head for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • A pair of Premium Stainless Steel Scissors for customised styling.
  • A Mixed Boar Bristle Brush for the perfect grooming of the beard.
  • Three adjustable combs for all beard sizes.
  • Cordless usage for more versatility.


  • It can get a bit loud compared to other trimmers in the market.
  • Battery longevity is poor
  • Might be difficult to get a uniform cut


Finally, I would like to say that it is a perfect grooming kit in this price range and if a bit loud (noise/sound) isn’t a big deal for you, then definitely go for it. I guess this product will suit everybody’s beard and grooming needs and would be a perfect buy.