New Cornerstone Razor Review (Mk2) | Shaving a Beard Trimmer

editor May 04, 2017
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Engravings still a feature of the CORNERSTONE product
A cover for when you travel!
A good looking beast!
Head close up
The chrome shiny new CORNERSTONE RAZOR
A new design for the razors head
The Clogging Old Razor (Yes that really is my old facial hair!)
The mark 2 shaving head of the CORNERSTONE razor


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In this review I look at shaving my beard off using clippers and then the all new mark 2 CORNERSTONE SHAVING SYSTEM - HURAH!
Some stylish macro shots and close-up videoblogging of the event as it progresses!

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I have now road tested this razor and shaving system over a good period as that's the only way to know what is good bad and ugly! I can't wait to say that the biggest advantage and why I love this razor is that it doesn't clog. I have a thick stubble and this has always been the problem bar none for me where I spend more time unclogging the shaver than actually shaving. With this new cornerstone razor I just rinse and go makes the chore faster and much more fun. Let's hear it for OLLY! THANK YOU..just don't get why the previous incumbents didn't work that out. Some feel the razor is hard to grip- I disagree. Sure there is no rubber but do you really need a rubber grip? I have not noticed this issue. Hope to see what you think below.

Good Points
It doesn't CLOG!
You get a system to get delivered blades and supplies when you need them saving you time.
The blades are sharp and tough and don't blunt easily.
The razor is nice to hold and ergonomic.
Excellent info on how to shave in the box.
Shaving system includes a pre scrub gel and after sexy man beast.

Bad Points
For women shaving their legs it has a too narrow blade so takes longer to shave.
I guess you might miss shopping for these items and sundries as you try to avoid the actual reason you are at the supermarket...
The engraving can be just 3 characters
Some find it hard to hold (not me)
I feel a bit guilty if I don't use the pre smells lovely and woody.

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