Editors note : Really not sure where you can find these for sale these days- check the amazon link above. It looks like stock is low we will keep you posted.

Alternative Designer Baby Change Bag from Shop Style Review our sister website.

baby change bag



This bag while not cheap is very nice to look at and has space to hold the essentials you will need on a jaunt around primrose hill and beyond. It can be purchased to go to the hospital before the arrival and will help you look good when you feel that you may not !

This bag still hasn't changed since launch and can be hard to get hold of.

The changing mat isn't as large as a regular mat, but has been designed with that size that is portable and allows you to change your baby on a surface you trust.

One year on and the bag is going strong - no visible signs of weakness and it still looks good.

Can you wash the baby k changing bag ?
We put it on a low risk wash in the machine after a vomiting accident and it came out clean, so we say yes you can wash it. Probably best to avoid too much of that if you can. The surfaces can be easily wiped so in in cases of extremis only.

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