Consumer Product Design here in my 1998 final year project while at Coventry University. I wanted a whole integrated system for the home - and given what was available in 1998 it was quite imoressive having seen the video conferencing device and some of the ideas present. What do you think ?

Facebook started in 2006 - 6 years later there was not yet the ideas of how you might connect and share connections this was a set of products that allowed just that. It was home based and may have started life in the business sense - the video conferencing unit is still a valid product for me. Walk through the story of how you coud use the product. Flat screens were really not yet in homes at all. The central unit still took cd like disks and was using what was available back then. It was not an easy thing to design - how much can you do with a flat screen so I had made my final year product quite hard in that instead of designing just one thing I did 3. It was ultimately showing in that I got  2:2 and thus we know that they market it down on visual clout but the innovation was there.