The Mothercare SPIN was replaced by the ORB! Not sure why they needed to change the name the spin actually seems better to us in the office but it looks nearly identical.

Mothercare Orb Instructions

Visit the Mothercare Orb pram and pushchair system on Amazon.


Myself and girlfriend recently took a look at the Mothercare spin pram. Well, we went to check out all kinds of prams and stuff and this no doubt pushed gently by the salespeople in terms of its positioning by the shop. We liked it a lot and will post our review as soon as our baby is born and we get to use it. Initially, though we got to test drive it in the store and this is our thoughts.

The Spin is a well-thought-out design and its main selling point is the top half spinning 180 degrees facing the baby away or towards you. Is this necessary I don't know you can argue that. And my only concern is that if this mechanism goes then the pram is broken. Let's imagine that it is as sturdy as it feels and that doesn't happen. The spin happens by doing a Ralleigh grifter-style twist of the centre of the handle. Visit your Mothercare and give it a dare I say it SPIN! you twist with a single hand and then you can rotate the whole of the top on this pivot point.

This for us isn't the main strength of this pram it comes with a stylish design and 4 wheels. It doesn't fold up as small as some others so look into that if you own an audi tt.

You can check out the special offers that can get you the attachments needed to fit a child car seat. You still need to buy the car seat but you can get the base with the offer which goes into the car, Yes it's a lot of pieces if you ask me but we will probably use them all.

The foot brake is a single tap with the right foot and it really handles well at least in the shop.

The special offer is for the best coloured the silver and black version. Click the link above to find out more.

How well does it work with the Maxi Cosi Child Seat? Check this video of the two interchanging with the needed adaptors. Mothercare was offering a deal to get the seat and adaptors if bought in conjunction with the Mothercare spin pram (only in silver at the time of writing)