The Divers Communication Torch (DCT) is designed by Moray Dive Gear and distributed by Tektite.The DCT incorporates a state of the art LED/optic to produce 175 source lumens of light.This flashlight utilizes specialized optics to produce an ultra-tight 6-degree beam pattern. This "spot" beam pattern enables the DCT to cut through darkess and murkiness.Burn time is 8+ hours at full power with an additional 20 hours of usable light as the batteries run down. 

The Moray Divers Signaling Strobe (DSS) Xenon strobe head has nearly twice the burn time and is 30 percent brighter than competing strobes. Based on the Tektite Strobe 300, which is already used by scuba divers, military and fire fighters worldwide. Burn time is 30+ hours.  This head replaces the DCT head to convert the body into a strobe unit.Double O-ring seals give this waterproof light and strobe an underwater depth rating of 500 feet.Most importantly the DCT & DSS incorporate Moray's patented noisemaker device - Just Shake It!Our thanks to Trevor Theriault, the inventor of this torch for sending us some samples to review. For more information, go to (link appears to be broken - june 2018)