Macbook Air 2012 13 inch

editor September 20, 2012
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macbook air unboxing part one.


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I will be contributing to this review as time permits. So far I am enjoying the rapid boot times given by SSD and am not feeling any heat issues. The screen seems to have been thought through in terms of the resolution as well, things dont appear too small. I couldn't decide if I needed the power of the i7 and probably will be using it at limited times for some video converting.

Specs: 13 inch , 256GB SSD, 8GB RAM, i7 processor.

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Just loosing out one on the value as this is not a cheap ultra laptop the mac book air scores highly in the style stakes. It runs very well if you like OSX if not then you can run windows !
I think the connectivity limits are the main issue with these kind of laptops but thankfully I have been able to get a decent screen/resolution with 8Mb of RAM sadly lacking in any windows machine hence why I have started to switch. From a developer perspective it is not the toy they once were now OSX runs on UNIX.

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