By Miracle Sound. The Lavalier Microphone clips on your lapel or top and plugs into your recording device or smartphone. You are then ready to provide and experience good quality audio for your audience. This is also for laptops and PC's.


  • Deluxe Case- less said the better on their definition of delux!
  • Microphone
  • Lapel Clip
  • Wind Shield/Screen
  • 59 inch cord

Available from online retailers such as amazon for around 10 pounds it's a useful piece of kit for the vlogger.

Alternative Lavalier Microphones


The Boya BY M1 has a good sound quality and a generous cable length. It's double the cost of more basic models but the sound quality is good check the videos below in which it is featured and recommended. It's half the price of the Rode one which has a limited short cable. The Irig is a perfectly good microphone and they all sound pretty similar!

Reccomended Buy!