I needed something to transport / protect my functional uber stylish and practical Macbook Air 13 inch. After cruising past the long queue for the iphone 5 release in westfield I found a few cases and sleeves. And the one I was looking for the Knomo 13 inch envelope. Its double the average cost of most offerings but will proabbly look good next year when these others are looking grubby at least I'm justifying the premium price tag of 64.99.

I am happy with the fit interior and protection this will offer the device but I will be modifying mine a wee bit, something not obvious is the metal studs on the inside of the envelope flap will scratch the laptop when you get it in and out. This is quite a flaw and plastic studs here might have been excusable- I'm not sure how easy I can stick a wee piece of cloth over the studs or if this is practical otherwise you will have to bend the flap carefully then it wont scratch up.