Universal because you can sit any laptop on it but particulary matched to the brushed aluminum apple laptops like macbook pro or macbook air. The stand is good because it increase slightly the aount of desk space you have by having space under the laptop but for me I like that it lifts my laptop screen to very much the same level as my secondary monitor. If you are only using this laptop then combining this with a keyboard allows you to have a 'grown up' working setup. Higher monitor and separate keyboard feels much more relaxed. There are secondary benefits that allow a hot running laptop to get more circulation around it. So if your laptop runs hot then don't put anything under the stand.

You can find this here - https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01N5P92BT

Two pieces of Aluminum (Aluminium) are joined with pins and form a triangle that is clearly strong and will last. No flimsy or sturdy but weak plastic hinges to worry about with this design.

From their website

Ergonomically designed. The 18°elevated design has been developed to provide the very best angle for comfortable laptop or tablet use, supporting your entire body – neck, back and wrists – to allow you to work or play for prolonged periods without strain or risk of injury

Overheating protection. With a specialized hollow design, airflow is increased significantly around the areas of your laptop most vulnerable to overheating

Lightweight materials. The one-piece aluminum design means the stand makes little impact to your overall laptop weight when carried

Non-slip protective pads. Ensuring your equipment is properly cared for, the rubber feet protect the stand from slipping while the pads hold your laptop or tablet securely in place

Universally compatible with all tablets and laptops, including Apple, Dell, Asus etc., the laptop and tablet stand is suitable for use with any laptop or tablet model up to 15” screen sizes

I don't think that 18 degrees is at all handy as a type surface thing and I think it actually could take a 17" laptop as well.