I have taken a few photos of displays this year and will explain more about what I like in some of the shopping for Christmas I have done so far.

Mens Stylish Watches by Firetrap

Firetrap have some well styled mens watches out right now and I would love to have one of them on my wrist after the past few years struggling to find something suitable,

When I try shopping for others I always end up straying to stuff I would like and then when I think I have managed to bring the focus back to the task at hand I still think my presents through as if I was the person. In the photos I have for example boxing kit, with a proper bag for allowing the little boy to bash out the Smarties E numbers on a mini boxing bag. Inline skates are a risky present.

Battle Hamsters its Kung Zhu

See in the video the wonderful Kung Zhu Hamster fighting range of suits hamsters and battlegrounds. Gf just said kids would play real hampsters ! Hope not..

Baby Einstein - Music for all so soothing you don't need a baby !

For the baby in the family I like the Baby Einstein Products - and their tunes sooth and spellbind myself my partner and our little treasure. Now they have the itunes for your convenience but there is a little carry along radio called TAKE ALONG TUNES for the baby to play with and enjoy. I'm not sure yet if it will play the similar quality of music like the itunes as the music on that at least vol 1 is not baby music it is quality music for all ages that baby will love. Check it out now on the itunes...

Monsoon Scarves for Women

The nice blue scarf was from Monsoon at 35 pounds my mum almost got this but the gf didn't like it and so she has something other.