It isn't immediately obvious how to insert the sim card in the iphone 4. There is a tool provided take a look at the images to learn how.

Now onto the review of the iphone4.

Even the packaging of the iphone is well designed and minimises space. So you are already joyful before you get hold of the device. I should add that I am a complete novice with an iphone so can't compare it with the previous models. One big advantage to the iphone 4 is supposed to be multi threading ! huh , what this means is that the device in true female fashion can do more than one thing at once. I can't check to see what it can't do in previous models but if I'm playing music I can open up other applications and the music doesn't stop for example.

I have not noticed any problem with a lack of signal I have to say, I will keep this review up to date as I go along however. It is nice that you can group the icons into 'folders' on the desktop but not everything can be placed on the bottom application bar, the main applications can be no problem.

Battery Life of the iphone 4: Under Observation..