I am one of the many sufferers of lower back pain caused by the muscles locking down on the spine. This is a catch 22 scenario and it can be very hard to get the muscles to let go and let all the juicses start flowing again, amazingly when that happens the relief comes as quickly and mobility is restored. If left untreated the scenario leads the sufferer to be very disabled.

One of the things you can do to try and get the muscles to let go apart from expensive physio massages is to employ one of those tools that have a 'face' you can massage the area with. The homedics is the one I personally bought from boots. It is a great aid and tool - one that I only ever before though was a gimmik and stupid buy. How wrong was I. Tyring my brother in law's massager one day out of desperation gave me quite immediate respite. Dont get me wrong the other tools are




medication (pain relief)

If you have my condition the strongly consider the Homedics as a go to tool and preventative measure for bad bad treatment, you wont regret its small cost.