A specific and trendy style of camo can seen everywhere and so Queshark chose this style for their fishing series. I liked them so much I bought a pair and am sharing the review here.

Seriously for the cost of these I am all set! I had my RayBans down at the bank and they don't hug my head. Couldn't put them on my forhead. Sounds crazy but such a limitation.
These also have amazingly effective polarized filters too. So not only can I see the fish activity I can also wear then ontop of my head without any strap needed. They are also really light.

What's in the box?

See the linked videos for the unboxing part 1 but they come with a fantastic hard case soft case and a cleaning cloth. There is also a diagram that allows you to test the polarisation effect.


Weight:100g (estimated- they are light!)
Material: Soft temple material and nose bridge inserts otherwise TR90 tough lightweight material that flexes bends. These are tough.
UV400 protection

What is polarisation?

Polarization is when sunglasses remove the glare from the surface of the water for exmple. This allows you to see beneath the surface. It works for all reflective surfaces. So a part of the light spectrum is removed that is blocking in effect your view so less is more. Read more about polarisation here.