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admin December 27, 2015
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The Breville Blender Review : Active Personal Blender
Great for the car - at least the BMW

Lucky boy I was to have received a Breville Active Blender. My daughter was not going top let me jump onine and asses every blender there was online before deciding wether to return it or not. Her instinct served me well. I love it ! Read on to find out why this should be the blender for you.

The Breville Active Blend or Blend Active is a stylish and practical blender. Designed to blend straight into the bottle feeding into my main use case it is an interesting piece of consumer producrt design.

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A fantastic buy if you want to easily blend up many kinds of foods to try out as in the videos. It washes up fine in the dishwasher and this is hard to fault. It's a good value for money buy. I'm not really sure what the likes of the bullits can bring to the table to be honest.

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