A look at the Bios Urn, a bio degradable resting place, for your loved ones to continue in spirit and grow into a tree of your choice. It's such a beautiful idea.

I don’t think that I have ever been excited by the prospect of “dying” before, however today I have discovered something that could possibly help save the planet and provide a useful and environmental friendly, and a much less morbid way of preserving your memory. What if I told you that when you pass away you could become a tree? Well ladies and gentlemen you can! It’s called a Bios Urn, and is actually a bio degradable plant pot that contains several tree seeds inside.  You are simply cremated, inserted into the pot and then planted. Its sounds insane I know but quite frankly I love the idea of becoming a tree after die, and helping the environment. Just imagine becoming a mighty oak tree, or a dainty conifer, a much less depressing and useful way of being preserved.

bio degradable urn

The urn itself is made from a coconut shell and contains compacted peat and cellulose. Your ashes are mixed with this, and the seed planted inside. One of the best features is that you can choose what tree you’d like to become.  Apparently our ashes are a great fertilizer for trees, due to it containing phosphorus, however location of where you would like to be planted, and the type of tree you’d like to be can be slightly off putting due to the fact certain trees can only grown in certain areas and so on.

Recycle in peace, RIP, is the catch phrase for Bio Urn. This is a great alternative to the room consuming traditional funeral in a coffin, and although this isn’t on the market yet, it could help save masses of space. Hopefully in the not too distant future funeral homes will start offering this as a cost effective, space saving, memory preserving instrument that could very well turn graveyards into huge forests. I would imagine Green Peace will jump at the idea!

Return to the earth, become the grass, a restart the circle of life.