This is an excellent way to keep your laptop tidy and in one place. Its better than a laptop bag for home and office use. In fact I just took it out to the car and got it to the office as I wasn't going to be walking in public this was absolutely fine. You have  a slim pocket that is handy for flash or zip drives and the like and one side is spaced for power supply and mouse. I could fit both my 15" and notebook into this too, but both supplies made it in but didn't look so tidy !

I recommend this product to go with any high class stylish lounge set up. There are more colours available outside the UK I believe but it seems only the chocolate at the moment. This is also a cheap place to get it being over 30 pounds in dixons. Click on the amazon link and get it tidy today !

One slight annoyance is due to the thickness of the carry handle in width annoys in the access of the laptop you scrape your hand slightly each time. But if it were thinner in width it would feel too flimsy when carrying. Also it is just about thick enough to carry short distances in comfort.

Note This is not a product that you would use in public on the street.