I feel kind of guilty having these not knowing who dr dre is !I get the idea and kind of guess its some rapper ? I think you should know and buy into the idea I mean who would probably buy these knowingly otherwise.

These headphones are the defacto cans for getting to and fro. They are supposed to be more basey than a neutral sound hence the name beats. The solo 2 replaced the solo headphones that were popular but that were criticised by the purists. Yes, the crowd who probably have their audio centres mounted on gold pins on a hard floor. They sit there listening to classical music with a glass of wine in one hand on a Saturday night - maybe by chance. So how are the beats solo 2 's? We would love to know what you think of yours.

I can now answer the following BIG Question! It says or it is said (reviewed elsewhere) that they are good for exercise or sport. Not specific enough for me

Are the Beats Solo 2 good for running or jogging ? 

I took mine out for a run and they were excellent they were nonintrusive and at no point did I feel they were heavy - and they helped keep my head that little bit warmer.

An update on these 
I still use them today almost 2024! However, they did go wrong once and Beats replaced them but it was quite early in the original pair's life. 

I am now using Groovee earbuds which I got from Tescos because earbuds don't stay in my ears. Suppose you aren't in the UK then Lenovo thinkplus are good alternative for 20 bucks. I use them when I don't have the groove charged.