It is a liberating feeling to be able to walk through the woods (watch babies head) or even go shopping ** with your baby securely and comfortably on your back. Some systems offer the baby to be resting on your chest this removes some risk and the extra security of you being able to have eyes on your baby. For example you can see when a wasp might be on your baby. These are the only negatives we can see to these systems.

**Backpacks make you much thicker and obviously baby makes you taller. It would be possible to put your babies head at risk in certain environments that you may forget. BEAR THIS CONSTANTLY IN MIND.

Chicco Caddy Backpack Carrier Race

This is a seat on your back for the baby. Designed with the comfort of you both in mind this is simply a way of carrying baby. So there are a couple of small handy pouches to use but essentially you wont be able to carry more than the baby. This might appeal to some who would have partner to carry the equipment separately- needed for an outing with a baby. Nappies change mat, wipes food etc.

Deuter Kid Comfort II Child Carrier - Fire/Titan

At the higher end of the market comes the Deuter Kid Comfort not cheap at just under 160 GBP. For that you have a  TUV-GS safety certificate it can take a child able to sit up by themselves but and with a maximum weight of 22kg - that's a lot to carry on your back. The belt and well padded straps help alleviate this weight for you making this a more comfortable option for longer hikes. There is some protection against the elements and you should regularly check on your baby for temperature another reason why a frontal mounted baby is a better solution. In the case of a longer walk though your back will be giving out quickly with a front loaded baby!