Our mobile phones are often cornerstones of how we express ourselves, from custom ringtones and wallpapers to the cases we decide to use in order to protect them. While each of these options is a personal testament to personal style, there are a few cellphones available on the market that are designer items in and of themselves.

Often studded with crystals or featuring wild colors one would not normally see on a smartphone, these designer phones can be all the rage if you can afford them. Check out these top five designer mobile phones and marvel at the price people will pay in order to be unique. 

Tag Heuer LINK

The Tag Heuer LINK is a premium designer smartphone that is being offered by the famous Swiss watchmaker, Tag Heuer. What makes the LINK so special is that it features a design made of stainless steel, 18K gold, and titanium in the housing. While the technological specs of the device aren't a huge wow factor, the stunning design is what makes it an amazing phone to own.

The phone features a 3.5" screen, a 5 megapixel camera and only 256MBs of internal storage space that is expandable up to 8GB. The phone features support for 3G technology and comes equipped running Android Foyo 2.2. For such meager technological specs, the $6,800 price tag is surprising, but when you consider that both titanium and gold go into the production, the price tag is much less surprising.

Ulysse Nardin Chairman

The Ulysse Nardin Chariman is perhaps the only smartphone that features a kinetic power system that serves to generate its own power. This allows the smartphone to have up to 8 hours of talk time. In other specs the phone is even more awesome, as it offers an 8 megapixel video camera and 32GBs of internal storage. It also comes in five different color versions and several different features depending on the model you choose. However, the real kicker is the price attached to the phone, as it can range anywhere from $12,800 to $49,500.

Samsung Giorgio Armani


One of the last new mobile phones that featured a custom Windows operating system before Windows Phone 7 debuted was the Samsung Giorgio Armani smartphone. The overall look of the phone is the only thing that's really special, as it features a bronze case with a slide out QWERTY keyboard for easy typing. It also features GPS and 8GB of internal storage but in terms of current operating systems, the phone is rather behind the times as it was released in late 2009. Still, the phone costs a whopping $1,000 for anyone interested in owning a designer smartphone.


Dior Phone Touch


The Dior Phone Touch is one of the most exclusive mobiles phones available, as only 99 of each design have been created. There are several models available, with many featuring sapphires, steel, gold, diamond, and mother-of-pearl on the outer casing of the phone. The uni-body design features some amazing craftsmanship, with a 3.2" screen with no word on the internal memory or whether or not the phone is expandable. Another concerning factor is that the battery is only a 900mAh battery, which is less than half of the standard smartphone battery. Still, the amazing look of the Dior Touch can be yours for up to $6,000 depending on the model you decide on.