Warm Clothes for Men Autumn Fall and Winter

LinaVS January 23, 2013
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As snow keeps falling across the land we hope you’re all keeping warm and dry when out and about. We might not want to step foot out into the outside world with weather like this, but sometimes it is inevitable. There is no such things as bad weather as the cliche goes- just bad clothing!

Boots from Timberland

Whether you need to get to walk, walk the dog or pick the kids up from school, you are guaranteed to be caught in the cold snow at some point during this big freeze.

Layering is a huge benefit to keeping your self protected from Jack Frost. Warm jumpers, jackets, boots, and of course accessories such as hats, scarves and gloves are a necessity. All these things will ensure you don’t catch a cold through not taking the frost seriously.

For women it is easy, layer a top with an oversized woolly jumper and a thick pair of leggings. Add some leg warmers and either some leather boots or some willies. Throw on a thick coat with a fur collar and include matching accessories such as a long wool scarf, hat and statement gloves.

When it comes to dressing up for the cold weather for men, it doesn’t have to be a chore. Purchasing a good quality jacket that is going to last a lifetime is first point of call. We know men aren’t ones for going out every season and buying the new range of outfits. But having that one quality jacket which looks great each and every season is a much. Barbour Jackets are a great choice for many or Hacket London for others.

Pair your durable jacket with a pair of boots of the same quality and you will be prepared for what the snow brings.

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