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admin May 19, 2015
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Oakley chainlink grey smoke jade sunglasses
Carve One Step Beyond Polarized
Woodys Barcelona Amo
Bionacle Sunglasses from Von Zipper  - Crystal Black Quasar Glow


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I am simply going to post images and lins that take you through to the suppliers websites. If you see some that should be on the list then add a link in the comments section please.
Fashion Eye Wear Summer Sale ending soon, this is for both normal glasses and sunglasses.

Oakley Chainlink Grey Smoke Jade Sunglasses

I'm a sucker for lime green at the moment I might even get my front door painted ! The smoke effect lense and colour of these mean that I am going to prolly buy them not just say to you go buy them.
You can get them at a great price along with other designer sunglasses at BLAZE - I thoroughy recomend you hop across to their website.



Von Zipper popular with skate boarders and those kind (rolls eyes) have this notable pair - I like and chose these for their gardient lens but these are single 'glass' as like in a snowboard goggle.

von zipper sunglasses


Von Zipper

 Carve have a light bright fun pair that made it into my why not section.

Carve Sunglasses





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