Maqoo Linen Underwear For Men

Maqoo May 10, 2016
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An underwear designed to keep you feeling cool and fresh. Linen is popular in the tropics because it is cool and fresh when you are all sticky! It allows air flow through and disipates heat. However, it was Maqoo who developed its use in underwear it had not been used with underwear untill now. A new linen fabric suitable was developed that is extremely good for feeling comfortable and of course they are sexy and stylish too.

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It's after you've worn them for a week, then go back to your old underwear to you really realize how Maqoo is an incredibly comfortable underwear. To be honest, I didn't really notice too much when I first put them on. It was more at the end of the day when I could really appreaciate them. Normally I feel my briefs are sticky at the end of the day and gererally feel like I've been living in them for a month, but with these briefs I didn't feel that way. They had a dry feel to them. It's hard to describe as its so cool.

The fabric: It's totally different than what I've ever worn before. It's much thicker than normal underwear. Feels really nice. Has a slight cool touch to it.

Final thoughts: They are expensive (45 USD), but there is no doubt in my mind they are the most comfortable underwear I've ever worn. Check them out. Linen briefs kick ass.

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