Firetrap Shorts - Lightweight and Practical

G July 01, 2011
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Firetrap Shorts - Lightweight and Practical

My girlfriend suggested I get online sharpish and buy some new shorts as soon as the British Summer seemed to arrive. Well what do you need from a pair of shorts - I'll tell you what I look for.

Style - I must like the look and the colour should fit with other items I have. But the shorts need to be a good cut - apart from cargo shorts I need a more straight leg and no excess bagginess. The white cotton lines also describe the cut very well at distance.

Brand - These shorts fromĀ firetrapĀ have the branding you need

Price - A price I like :) at under 50 pounds I'm getting value and a top high street brand.

These shorts are lightweight and practical due to the deep pockets. You don't want that phone slipping out in the taxi cab or metro do you?

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