There’s something to be said about those celebrities and actors, isn’t there? How come they always look good no matter where they are or what they are doing (whether it’s on the red carpet or on the way to the supermarket around the corner), whilst us mortals have to contend with bad hair days and pimply skin? But before you go bashing your head against the wall and moaning, ‘Why, why why?,” here’s some food for thought: these celebrities have personal stylists. Period.

Besides, celebrities rely on their looks ALL the time. It’s their bread and butter, one might say. So if they don’t look put-together, it’s easy for them to lose, well, everything. And the sad fact is, some people have better proportions than others. But take heart – you can also look good with minimal effort and even with a few physical imperfections, and you don’t need to pay thousands of pounds for your very own personal stylist.

Physical aspect #1: narrow face

You can give the impression of a broader, more sculpted jaw to your narrow face by wearing sunglasses. Opt for bigger and broader sunglasses that have a slight tip near the temple. With larger-framed sunglasses, your face looks shorter. The browline or wayfarer style of sunglasses would work well with a narrow face.

Physical aspect #2: long torso

If you have a long torso, choose trousers that rise higher on the waistline.

Designer menswear allows you to hide imperfections with ease depending on brand. They tend to get this right however.

Also, you can go for suit jackets that reach until the lower part of your buttocks, and choose trousers with no cuffs. Wider lapels on suit jackets combined with oversized patch pockets also do the trick of widening and shortening your torso.

Physical aspect #3: wide waistline

A sportcoat or suit jacket with peak lapels and a single button closure can do wonders for your wide waistline. It gives the illusion of a slimmer silhouette and adds length to your figure as well. Go for more structured shirts with stronger, cleaner lines, and do not add weight to your waistline by selecting loose shirts.

Physical aspect #4: slim and narrow shoulders

Needless to say, the upper body of a man attracts a lot of attention. Broad-shouldered men appear to be stronger and better built than narrow-shouldered men or men with narrow chests. But if you have this physical appearance, you can easily augment it with the right clothes. Add bulk to your upper body with extra shoulder padding on suit jackets or horizontal striped shirts or sweaters. You can also choose spread-collar shirts for extra bulk and width. But don’t overdo it – go for a sweater, for instance, that has one wide stripe in the middle rather than one that is covered with stripes all around. You want to look muscular, not hefty.

It’s easy to say that we’re not perfect; each of us has a physical aspect that we are not particularly proud of. But with the right designer menswear, accessories, and attitude, you can look put-together in no time.