We all want to look our best or on some days at least presentable. So how can you achieve that when the two main concerns are time and money? You would rather spend time preparing for your exams and hanging out with friends than focusing on the beauty rituals. 
Likewise, there is always something better to spend your money on.
Have no fear, as we present you with 3 hacks to help you out with your beauty routine.

Flawless skin

There is no secret formula for flawless skin, except for a good cleaning routine. The key, however, is to use products which are affordable as well as effective. 
You can opt for natural ingredients and products. For instance, you can choose to cleanse your face with coconut or olive oil which will clean your skin but also moisturize it. Another useful product you keep in the kitchen is apple cider vinegar which, when mixed with water, can be great for balancing your skin between oily and dry. For exfoliating, nothing beats baking soda. You can rub it directly onto your skin and wash it off. Instant results. 

For a quicker daily routine, you can choose a made product but that doesn’t mean it has not been expensive. First, determine your skin type and then browse the shelves for products that correspond to your skin needs. Also, avoid cleansing products that don’t have moisturizers in them or that have sodium lauryl sulfate, as it will dry out your skin. Put on some moisturizer on your washed and patted face and don’t forget to put on your sun cream. 
 Skin care

Don’t skip the eyes

If your skin is great you won’t need that much makeup, like concealers and foundation, but you will still need a little bit of make-up to look more confident. 
As your skin doesn’t look its best every day, put your concealer and foundation if needed. For a cleaner look all day, don’t skip the foundation. 
You can get the maximum effect by putting minimum make-up on your eyes, so don’t skip them. An eyeliner and a mascara should be enough for your basic daily needs. To save some time when getting ready each day and taking off your make-up, you can opt for false lashes must-have trend. By choosing them, you can save some money on mascara, too.
A little bit of balm and lipstick can complete the look. If you’ve got a minute to spare, highlight your cheekbones with some blush or even the lipstick you’ve just used.

Tie a bun, braid or a ponytail

Washing your hair every day isn’t possible sometimes, and according to experts, it isn’t even good for it. Try to wash your hair every other day or, better yet, every three days if you can. Don’t go overboard with the amount of shampoo and conditioner you use either. A pea size or a bit more should be enough. 
A blow-dry at home can give you a hairstyle for two or three days. This option is great, but sometimes, especially when you are in a hurry, your hair might not be clean enough and needs some additional help. This is why you should always have your trusty rubber band and some hairpins. You can opt for some 5-minute life-saving hairdos like braids, buns, or some interesting combos. 
To avoid bland-looking ponytails, try a twisted ponytail. There are two options. The first is to make a low ponytail. Make a small hole in your hair just above the band and insert your ponytail through it. 
The second one takes a little more work than that. You start with a low ponytail with only the back part of your hair and you leave the side locks hanging. You then secure the locks of your hair over and around the band. It looks nice and it is really easy and quick to do.
If you have long hair, a quick bun will do. Pull your hair up and tie it at the top of your head. Twist your tail and twist it around the band. Tuck the end under the band and secure it and any stray locks with pins and you are all set. Looking good always comes at a price, so it all depends on what you are willing to spend. Time and money are the typical commodities but by applying some of our beauty hacks, you can save on both. Natural ingredients are your friends, money-wise but also they are extremely effective. In the long run, a well-practised everyday skin treatment will prove beneficial as you can skip concealers more. Put the focus on your eyes with eyeliner and mascara or wake up with perfect eyelashes if you opt for putting on some semi-permanent false ones. Hair can also be a bit of a problem, but with some interesting twists on the typical hairstyles, like ponytails, braids, and buns, you will always be ready to go.