You may have built up quite a collection of shoes, from Iron Fist to Kurt Geiger designs, but do you have any truly unique footwear? Here's a look at some of the world's weirdest shoes ever created:

The Gamer's Heel

Do you take technology with you wherever you go? It's certainly possible with the Gameboy-embedded Platform shoe inspired by children's video game Pokemon. This bizarre high platform heel shoe has a yellow Gameboy Colour placed in the cork base, with a cut-out feature home to a Pikachu figurine. Matched with playful yellow leather this ladies shoe is odd but fun!image

Foot Gloves

These strange shoe designs have actually found mainstream recognition. Designed to fit the foot as snuggly as a glove, with separate compartments for each toe, these rubber trainers/pumps were produced to be excellent running shoes. They simulate the feel and grip of running in bare feet, but protect your soles from the elements; Foot gloves are also great for climbing, hiking and sports.

Banana Shoes

Looking for a pair of heels that are a bit fruity? You'll love the heels that have been produced to look just like a pair of peeled bananas. Produced with exceptional detail, these high-heel ankle boots look just like banana skins and one shoe even features a blue Fyffes Bananas label.

Legging Boots

If you want a pair of thigh high boots, you don't get much higher than the strange Legging Boots designs which are part Converse style boot, part Leggings. They rise right up to your waist like a pair of trousers, with extravagant lace-up details running up the length of the leg. You certainly wouldn't have a problem with those laces coming undone!

Man Feet Trainers

They say you shouldn't judge a man before you've walked a mile in his boots; how about you walk a mile in his feet with a pair of lace-up trainers in the life-like form of men's feet - complete with wonky big toes and hairy knuckles! A brilliant addition to any Hobbit fancy dress costume.

Backwards Heel Shoes

How about the height of high-heels without a heel itself? Backwards heels feature the traditional heel lying horizontally below the arch of your feet, with the back of the foot itself suspended in the air!

MP3 Wedges

Another tech based shoe wonder, have you seen the Gold Wedge heels which feature an MP Player and alarm clock in the base of their platform heel? Not the most practical of designs, you'd have to stop in the street to change the track, but you'll certainly be able to take the party everywhere you step.


Cardboard Shoes

Cardboard's an extremely versatile material, but did you ever think it could be used for footwear? Probably not the best for everyday wear, but great for a giggle, there are several cardboard shoe creations featured online, from cardboard court shoes to cardboard Adidas sneakers.


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