Have you ever caught your reflection when travelling on an overcrowded train, clutching simultaneously your diary, library books, latte, i-Pad and train ticket? Sure, that clutch purse you bought in the sale last year looks good on your arm, but what use is it when it comes to the transportation of your precious possessions?


For years I did battle with various arm accessories. I tried a duffle bag, but it took too long to undo the string and find what I was looking for. Briefcase-style handbags were too formal and didn’t usually complement what I wanted to wear. Rucksacks just seemed clumsy and unflattering. Stuck for inspiration, I browsed the internet to find a bag which was simple, easy to use and which I could trust with my many (heavy) possessions during my trips into college and subsequently work.



I found the perfect solution – the tote bag.

If you are fed up of doing balancing acts on the bus, or lugging your personal effects around in shopping bags, now might be a good time to reconsider your bag collection. Should you be a frequent shopper, spend a lot of time travelling to work, or better yet, holiday a great deal, perhaps a wise option would be to invest in a tote bag for the coming year.

The tote bag I bought has been a life saver. Gone are the days where I lived in perpetual fear of losing my house keys on the bus home. On a crammed train, I can now discretely dip in and out of my tote bag without the embarrassment of having to disturb fellow travellers. I have everything I need at arm’s length, all safely ensconced in a seemingly bottomless enclosure.

When I work late and decide to head straight out, I can happily bring my stuff with me in my tote bag and still feel fashionable. In fact, I love the practicality of the bag so much that sometimes I deliberately take it out in the evening, as it has the capacity to contain everything I could possibly need.

                 Travel with your tote bag                                

Equally delicious is the ease with which I can pack for the odd last-minute weekend away. I simply pop all my clothes into my tote bag, with room to spare for make up, beauty products and magazines. When I arrive at the airport, I know I’m travelling in style and that I’ve saved money on luggage allowance. A great start to a holiday! 

Tote bags come in all shapes and sizes. For work, choose a colour block look that will complement any outfit. For the evening, try something a little more daring – perhaps a monochrome print, or a leopard spot pattern. There is something for everyone and your tote bag could even be a feature point of your outfit.

Make a bag change today which will change your life for the better!

Author Bio: Maisie Sharp is a blogger with a passion for the practical and the stylish, which is why she owns several terrific tote bags!