The winter season is at its peak these days. The temperatures are well below the zero mark, and it’s freezing once you leave the comfort of your warm home. More than often, the skies shower white flakes all over the country, and so everything, from the ground to the rooftops to the trees, is wrapped up in a white sheet.

To enjoy the beauty of this season, you will have to step out that door. But since it is so chilly outside, you cannot do it until you wear something really warm. So why not go through the latest trends of leather jackets UK? Donning one of these will make you look classy, and you’ll be able to enjoy the weather without becoming prey to it.


The windbreaker is a good choice for a man’s wardrobe. The jacket is all about style and that too at very economical rates. You will not have to spend much, but you’ll still be wearing something extremely fashionable. Most of the available designs are an inspiration from sports, but they look good even when you are not on the playing field. Just grab one of these, and it’ll soon become one of your favourites.

Engineered Jacket

The Engineered jacket, another classic man’s design, is a combination of a blazer and a sweatshirt. Suited for everyday wear and other causal outings, the jacket is sure to make you look classy. Though it is available in many designs, the most popular of these is the one which comprises of three buttons. While this jacket looks good over every outfit, try donning it with a simple tee, some dark jeans and a cashmere scarf to get that trendy look.

Denim Jacket

Just like the previous season, denim jackets are a favourite among both men and women during this winter as well. Men should go for a slim trucker design because it differs from the general crowd, and catches more eyes. This jacket will fit over the body, and will dangle a little bit at the sleeves. Pull the sleeves up a bit to add to the classiness.

Women should opt for a tailored design, and don it with a pair of contrasting jeans. Similar shades of jeans and denims are definitely not considered stylish, so the contrast should be high. Denim jackets are suited for casual occasions, and look best when worn at nights in a group of friends.

Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are suitable for all those women who want to achieve elegance in their dressing. Previously, leather jackets were considered to rugged, but this is not so now. The designs of these jackets have evolved, and they are a great choice whether you want a casual look or a sophisticated edge.  The popularity of leather jackets have rose because of their versatility that makes them look great on every outfit. Even if you have just one piece, the jacket will look classy on a causal as well a formal outfit. Because of this quality, many women around the world consider this one to be the queen of ladies’ jackets.

Leather jackets are available in many designs, but hooded ones are more fashionable, and you will find a lot of these at stores this winter.  Cropped versions are also a great choice, and will also be featured on many shelves.

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The author is a designer at one of the biggest clothing brands in the world. He has launched many great designs of leather jackets uk , and most of them made it to the top of the fashion and the celebrity world.